Merino Wool
Finest Woollen Merino Fabrics

At Leichtfried we mainly use extra fine Australian Merino wool for the production of woolen apparel and interior fabrics to ensure they maintain their outstanding quality and durability.

mulesing-freie Merinowolle

The Merino breed is originally from Europe where the Greek and Spanish contributed to spreading it around the Mediterranean area. Today, Australia is the main producer of this unique treasure, supplying around 40% of the world’s demand.

Australian Merinos are regarded as having some of the finest and softest wool fibers. Australian Merino wool crafted goods are internationally renowned for luxury, quality and performance. Merino wool is extremely versatile, renewable and biodegradable. It is carefully cultivated by generations of Australian woolgrowers, who are dedicated to every step of the growing process to create one of the finest and most precious fabrics.

Australian Merino wool fibers are extremely fine, which makes it possible to bend them more easily than traditional, coarser wool variations. Another characteristic of Merino Wool is that it is extremely soft. In a fully integrated production process, at Leichtfried we transforms this finely crimped and soft fiber into bulky woolen yarns and into fabrics that are internationally renowned for their beautiful drape and luxurious grip.

As a Woolmark licence holder, Leichtfried guarantees the highest quality standards for woolen fabrics.The company has been a partner of The Woolmark Company for more than 50 years producing some of the finest woolen apparel and interior fabrics.