The Mill

Finest Woollen Merino Fabrics
Quality is our passion, our daily job and our drive. For more than 130 years, we have been striving to create fabrics that meet the highest quality standards and sensibly unite innovation and lived tradition. We stand for sustainable production of finest loden fabrics in the heart of Europe, setting the trends for a successful future.
Founded in 1884, the Leichtfried woollen mill is specialized in the production of high-quality woollen cloth and loden fabrics, made primarily from extra-fine Australian Merino wool.

The carefully selected raw materials have to pass through many different stages in a fully integrated production process - from spinning the fine woollen yarn and weaving the greige fabrics right through to the finished cloth. The production phase that is most important for the special characteristics of our loden fabrics is fulling, whereby the raw fabric shrinks considerably in both warp and weft directions. This process accounts for the fabric’s special, comfortable feel. Meticulous quality assurance procedures throughout the entire production process ensure that our customers can always rely on first-class quality.

The combination of longstanding experience, consistent craftsmanship and modern technology has enabled the Leichtfried Loden mill to look back on more than 130 years of the company’s history. It remains the backbone behind the company’s success today. Tradition and innovation coupled with an intuitive grasp of high quality fabrics means that the company can look forward to the future with confidence. The constant strive for highest quality guarantees a sustainable production of woollen fabrics in the heart of Europe.

Loden has long been known as the fabric par excellence for traditional costume clothing in Austria and South-Germany. Our family business has still managed to produce even finer, lighter and softer loden, which explains why our fabrics, made from extra-fine Australian Merino wool, are increasingly used in fashion and haute couture industries. Many reputable European clothing companies and internationally renowned fashion houses trust in quality by Leichtfried. Because of the numerous positive attributes of Merino wool, the fulled fabrics are also increasingly used for objects & interiors.

We believe in

  • Quality

    The entire production process, from selecting the finest wool fibres to processing them into finished fabrics, is in our hands. This ensures that every metre of fabric leaving our production represents highest quality.

  • Innovation

    We constantly advance our fabrics and have a unique colour palette in various qualities, which has gained us a reputation as one of Europe’s leading fully integrated woollen mills.

  • Responsibility

    A key pillar of our philosophy is a great sense of responsibility towards natural resources and our employees, who significantly contribute to our company’s success with their competences and diverse personalities.

  • Tradition

    Through sensibly uniting years of experience with lived craftsmanship and latest technology, the woollen mill looks back on more than 130 years of company history, which constitutes the backbone of its entrepreneurial success.

Wool/Wolle IconAs a Woolmark licence holder, Leichtfried guarantees the highest quality standards for woollen fabrics. The company has been a partner of Woolmark for more than 50 years producing some of the finest woollen apparel and interior fabrics.