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The spinning batch is prepared for the spinning mill in the blending department.
If the quality of the woollen yarn is to be constant, there must be a good level of homogeneity in the composition of the material.

In the first stage coarse dirt and dust particles are "beaten" out of the wool. Then the carding willow opens the wool flocks to achieve the desired high level of homogeneity.

After the willowing process, a pneumatic conveyor transports the wool to the mixing chambers, where the batch is lubricated (by applying olein) to prepare it for the next stage in the process.


After the mixing and blending shop comes the carding stage. What emerges is a pre-yarn and this is then placed on the ring spinning machine. As any unevenness in the pre-yarn affects the ring-spun yarn, wool carding involves a complex system of several drums.

The set of cards draws the single threads from the flocks and combs them into a parallel arrangement. At the yarn production stage the single fibres are twisted tightly; this parallelisation process is essential for a satisfactory end-product. Also any short fibres, which would not be suitable for further processing and any foreign bodies (vegetable matter, burrs) are removed. At the end of the carding process a thin carded web emerges and then after a gentle twisting process the pre-yarn.